1986 Diploma in Music – Classical Guitar Major. I have been performing for 34 years either as solo instrumentalist, in duos, trios and in rock bands playing guitar or bass guitar. 10 years ago I started teaching guitar, bass and music theory which led me to independently writing, producing and publishing The Guitar Instruction, Musicianship & Reference Manual with DVD on Left & Right Hand Techniques.

The Relationship Between Keys & Chord Forms

12th November 2008
In my last article, Guitar Chord Theory - Hang-in There Its a Long Story we looked at scales and the order of steps and half-steps that are used to make a scale. If you haven't read it you probably should as it will make this article much easier to follow... Read >

Guitar Chord Theory Explained – Hang-in There It’s A Long Story

12th November 2008
The Notes.When we count we go from1 to 10 and repeat that pattern of 10 by going from11 to 20, and 21 - 3 and so on. In music we use the alphabet instead of numbers and it is A B C D E F G (7 notes) and repeat with A B C D E F G A and so on. However we te... Read >